The Expression of your difference

Since 1800, Dubourdieu shipyard has built custom-made wooden boats.

The oldest French shipyard still in activity, we have built over 3000 boats with the same rigor and passion while never compromising our philosophy. From the fishing boat to the oyster farming “Pinasse”, the history of Dubourdieu shipyard is that of the motor boat itself: the first marine diesel engine was installed on a Dubourdieu boat in 1942.

Today, yachting has surpassed the construction of professional units; yet it is with the same proven techniques that we design our “Classic“ model, the fast and elegant mahogany day cruiser, or our custom yachts measuring up to 18 meters.

If building wooden boats was a necessity for centuries, it is for us today a deliberate choice. Solid mahogany and teak, natural materials for shipbuilding, are hewed and adjusted to build exceptional ships with custom hulls. Each Dubourdieu boat is the result of a series of operations that cannot be mechanized, where the master craftsman’s know-how and esthetic eye are irreplaceable.

This renowned expertise makes Dubourdieu shipyard the undisputed specialist for repairs and maintenance of the “pinasse”, the legendary boat of Arcachon Bay. At the same time we strive to profit from technological developments by protecting our hulls with fiber composite stratification, by equipping our boats with the most innovative and environmentally friendly engines available and by using the most recent calculations for hull and propeller output. But we stay faithful to age-old know-how with the highest skilled shipwrights, because a work of art can only come from the human hand.

And the benevolence of time joins the skill of the artisan to make your dream come true.

Ours are more than just boats; they give real meaning to your marine escapades.