The pinasse is the traditional iconic boat of the Arcachon bay.

Classic Express®

New generation fast Pinasse made famous by the movie LES PETITS MOUCHOIRS from G. Canet.

Classic Sport®

The Classic Sport is the perfect combination of a Classic Express and a Picnic Sport offering comfort and an impeccable navigation.

Picnic Club Sport®

New Picnic Sport design and performance with outboard motors

Picnic Sport®

Anavoidable day boat for trips with family or friends.

White Ocean

Picnic Cabin®

Cabin version of PICNIC SPORT, ideal for marine getaways on all the seas. Also in 10 meters size with 1x320 CV or 2x260 CV motors

Picnic Cabin® 10M

33' Picnic Cabin model with 1x320CV motor or 2x260 CV

Picnic Open 15M

Picnic Open 15M, the perfect boat for the Mediterranean Sea


To build our boats we use the most sophisticated tool : the hand.